Building your DIY van is no easy feat. It’s hard to know the challenges you’ll face on the road until you’re out there experiencing them for yourself. Luckily, Flarespace is a seasoned vet in that department. From overbuilt vans that underperform to simple van builds that could use some enhancements, we’ve seen and driven it all. With that said, we’re coming to you with some of the most common issues DIY van conversions face and their solutions.


Can we vent for a second? Unpredictable temperatures and humidity can be seriously detrimental to your sprinter van conversion. And if you’re serious about avoiding condensation and its pesky consequences (we’re talking to you ‘mold’ and ‘rust!’), then you’ll need a strategic van ventilation system. If only there were easy-to-install vents that are cost-efficient, durably crafted, and provides Sprinter vans with optimal airflow. Oh wait… we invented that! 

All puns aside, we’d like to introduce you to Flarespace’s Rear Window Vent. This low-tech, high-value vent & window system delivers circulation up to par with its techy counterparts at just a third of the price! Designed to fit exactly like the factory windows, these fiberglass pieces fit the Mercedes Sprinter models from 2019 and up. It includes two sliding windows, interior covers with built-in storage, and everything you or your installer will need to upgrade your rear window system.

Not only is this the ultimate ventilation solution, but you can also say goodbye to broken rear windows on your Sprinter. Flying stones on the road and misplaced bike pedals can cause hundreds of dollars in damage – but our fiberglass Rear Window Vents make that a problem of the past. 

Put the vent in “adventure” and check out the Sprinter Rear Window Vents below.


One of the most significant objectives in your van conversion project is installing your bed. And many questions arise when you’re faced with the blank canvas that is a pre-built adventure van. Can I sleep comfortably in a van? Can I extend the space of my van? Can I install my bed widthwise without having to sleep in a cramped position? All of us at Flarespace can confidently answer yes, yes, and yes to all of these questions.

Our namesake product is a fiberglass flare installed on the passenger and driver side of your van to increase its width, giving you the room to install a bed while also maximizing the square footage of your van’s interior. Pair these Flares with our fully compatible and easy-to-install Wood Bed System, and you’ve got yourself the perfect sleeping quarters within a minimalist van build. Flarespace’s van sleep solutions create a level surface from flare edge to flare edge, allowing you to place your mattress widthwise and conserve precious space for gear, storage, and other precious cargo, all while lying in up to 80” of head-to-toe space.


The main goal of modern-day van builds is to outfit your vehicle with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Like we said before, we’ve seen plenty of overbuilt vans – and not only are they expensive, but they’re inefficient. You must ask yourself; “what are the essential items that I need to make my adventure van everything I want it to be.” For some it will be an Interior Panel Kit and a Flarespace nVader Rack. While others will want a Flarespace Bed System, Trim Rings, and a Sprinter Adjustable Roof Rack. Regardless of your final needs, Flarespace’s adventure van experts are here to help.

To ensure you’re on the right track to outfitting your leisure travel van, it’s essential to explore all types of floorplans and find which is suitable for you. If you plan to lug around a lot of gear and travel with only one or two people, you’ll opt for a floor plan with dynamic storage space to keep everything locked up and safe. If you’re traveling as a family, you might want to opt for more seat-belted seating for safe travels and a full kitchen to keep away the on-the-road munchies.  Which van floorplan is right for you? Check out your options below.