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The 30-Day #LaunchYourVan Challenge

Get your van on the road in 30 days so you can get to adventurin'.

Many of you have recently received your new vans or are expecting delivery soon. You are in the process of sorting through design options for your floor plans, evaluating vendors, looking for builders, and considering how you will actually use your van.

We feel you. This should be an exciting time, but instead you are under a pile of endless sketches, online searches and tons of phone calls. We actually have the same problems with our Flarespace vans, which we use to test our products and our friends’ products. Unfortunately, a build out is a long cycle. 

We decided to solve this problem for ourselves and then make the solution available to the van community. We’re calling it our 30-Day #LaunchYourVan Challenge — and we’re a bit giddy over the solution. Flarespace will help you get scheduled, ASAP, with high-quality, short-duration project builders that will get you on the road in just a few weeks. We are offering a very (very) consistent and contained scope of work, allowing for a cost-effective and quick turn-around with super results.

Your Mission [should you choose to accept]:

Create a functional space in your van within 30 days. Get on the road and maximize your adventure.

Week 1

Your 30 days begins with installing the Ultimate Bundle to get you sleeping sideways, creating the foundation for an optimized floorplan. 

Week 2

Tesla and Edison called electricity a basic necessity, and Flarespace has joined the club. (Plus, Keith's wife wanted a hair dryer.) 

Week 3

Create a livable and comfortable space by adding wall and ceiling panels, and insulation. We've got you covered, literally. 

Week 4

Finalize your essentials with our checklist of must-haves for getting on the road and enjoying your van.

Launch Your Van

What’s essential in a van to get you on the road?

We’ve had many late night debates on this topic and had to answer some tough questions. What’s really necessary to get on the road and launch some adventures? How do I ensure comfort with the minimum creature-features? Every van is different, and for different reasons — but it seems that most vans will require what we’ve included in this breakdown below.

Week 1 - The Bed

The first and most essential step to any van floorplan is to figure out where and how you’re going to sleep. The Ultimate Flarespace Bundle system gets you sleeping sideways, creating the foundation for an optimized floorplan. 

Don't have the Bundle yet? No worries! Head over to our shop and order your Ultimate Bundle today. 

The Bundle includes: 

  • Driver and passenger side flares 
  • Trim rings for a clean and seamless look 
  • Beautiful and sturdy two-panel bed system 
  • Custom-fit, 5" thick memory foam mattress 
  • Interior Finish Kit to insulate and finish the inside walls of your flares 
  • Sheets and bedding - you'll get a custom fit mattress pad, custom-fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, 2 pillows and pillowcases, all in slate gray

Week 2 - Electricity

Let there be light! Flarespace recommends one of the industry giants, GOAL ZERO, for your power needs. Their basic portable power solutions include alternator charging, shore power, 12v power, and a single 110v outlet. There’s also room in the fuse box to expand capacity as your needs evolve. 

Watch Grant Wilson from FreedomVanGo to learn how to install the Goal Zero system. 

The Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station is good for most weekend warrior type people. 

The Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station is better for a more long-range user.

Week 3 — Wall & Ceiling Panels, Insulation

Wall and Ceiling Panels 

A van is a vehicle, and it can also be a home. So we know that you want it to feel comfortable and livable-- you need walls and a ceiling. We asked creative carpenters, worked with our fiberglass designers, and sought partnerships with new and existing van builders, to consider existing wall and ceiling panel solutions and potentially innovate new ones. We wanted to tackle the biggest challenge of ensuring compatibility with our Flarespace system. As a result, we’re using a proven, existing industry product that we’ve modified, digitized, bomb-proof packaged, and fully-tested. It’s a relatively easy DIY installation, priced to make you sigh with relief. 

The good news — we are currently testing panels and will have them available on our site soon! Be the first to know of our product launches by following us on Instagram


Buy the 600M Thinsulate product online and cut and stuff it into the pockets of your cargo van and above the headliner. We buy ours from DIYVAN.com

Week 4 — Essentials Checklist

Kitchen Galley and Refrigerator 

We think you can pack a cooler to get started and here’s why: kitchens are expensive, take up space, and impact your floor plan significantly. 

We believe, to get started anyway, you should use your van to learn how you would use a galley and where you would put it. Then spend the money later (or not!) based on how you use your van. 


Yup, water is essential, but you can buy a few jugs at the store and put them in your cooler rather than invest in storage systems, pumps, drains, and heaters. 

Remember, you can always add water systems later, but the systems…well, less so. And since you just saved so much money, buy yourself a YETI cooler for your maiden voyage. 

Cabinetry and Storage 

In our first van, we installed beautiful powder-coated, aluminum cabinets the entire length of the cargo area on the driver’s side. Then we used the van the first time and realized we preferred removable soft bags and didn’t need 10 feet of storage. 

So use your van, pack a couple bags, and decide what kind of storage and cabinetry to add later. 


We follow the same logic as water systems. Take a portable potty with you. There are a bunch available, or use the one in the ski lodge. Decide if a built-in system is a necessity or if the portable solution will work for you long-term. 


Flarespace is located in Colorado and winters are cold. We love our Espar heater, but folks in warmer environments won’t need them. We recommend you use your van and decide if a heated blanket will suffice. 

If so, you’re fine, otherwise, have a local resource install one for you. 


Temperature control, air circulation, and condensation prevention are all achieved by installing proper fans. The MaxxAir 6200K is a complete ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan, and rain protection in an all-in-one-unit (and you can leave the rain shield open while driving).

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