Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Video of High Tech Trim Ring and plugging in a cell phone with the USB port.
Video of High Tech Trim Ring and turning on the light.
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Trim Rings for Sprinter 170" - Flarespace
Introducing the Flarespace high tech trim rings.

Trim Rings

Zierringe für Sprinter 170"

Regulärer Preis$749.00

Alle Zierringe werden paarweise verkauft.

Vervollständigen Sie den Innenraum Ihres Sprinter 170" mit passgenauen Zierringen für Ihre Flares. Die Zierringe von Flarespace bilden eine Fensterbank um die Innenseite des Flares und füllen den Raum zwischen der Innenwand des Lieferwagens und der Innenwand des Fackeln.Die aus geformtem Fiberglas hergestellten Zierringe sind so konzipiert, dass sie einfach an der Rückseite der Wandpaneele Ihres Vans befestigt werden können und vollständig mit den übrigen Produkten von Flarespace kompatibel sind.Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, mit praktischen Mods auf der Beifahrerseite auf Hightech zu setzen – zwei USB 3.0-Ladeports und zwei Leselampen oben.

Die Flarespace 170-Zierringe sind 40,5" x 23,5" groß und messen in der Mitte.

Profi-Tipp: Flares, Trim Rings und unser Bettsystem sind das ultimative Trio, das eine bündige Oberfläche von Flare-Rand zu Flare-Rand schafft, sodass Sie mit mehr Platz schlafen können. Kaufen Sie das Bundle und erstellen Sie den besten Grundriss für Ihren Sprinter 170".

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Wir sind derzeit etwa 5-6 Wochen mit der Produktion aller Glasfaserteile beschäftigt. Der Versand dauert im Allgemeinen etwa eine Woche, was bedeutet, dass Sie Ihre Glasfaserteile erhalten sollten

Haben Sie weitere Fragen? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere FAQ.

MATERIAL: Fiberglass
FINISH: Gel coat
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Proudly made in the USA.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 2 Trim Rings and written instructions.
WARRANTY: View warranty information here.
Production timeline: 1 week for production, 1 week to ship.


Because they’re awesome! Trim Rings save you time - If you are a finish carpenter or know how to scribe wiggle board, you can certainly make your own. Otherwise, avoid days of frustration and buy some Trim Rings.

Trim Rings occasionally have an imperfect fit. There are factors that we are unable to control and design around that include the thickness of the fiberglass, the imperfections in your van, the thickness of the insulation you use, etc. It is possible that when you receive the Trim Rings, you may need to add more insulation to your flare wall or spend time with your belt sander to get the contour exactly right. In any case you will have saved yourself an enormous amount of time.

We have detailed DIY installation videos and extensive written instructions included with your Trim Rings order. We're also always happy to answer questions directly – just shoot us an email at

If DIY is not your thing, Flarespace encourages all clients to seek one of our professional installers. It is a custom part that requires dry fitting and careful installation, so an experienced installer is a great option to get the job done.

Flarespace offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. Please refer to our full warranty disclaimer for further information.

All of our parts are made to order, and we, therefore, do not accept returns. Trim Rings are shipped in custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. In the event that the shipment is damaged, the customer is required to wait for inspection from the shipping company and take specific pictures of the damage to the part and packaging. Flarespace will not be responsible for repairing or replacing damaged Trim Rings if an inspection doesn't occur. Please let us know immediately if your order sustains damage during their time with the shipping company. Do not have parts repaired or dispose of packaging until the claim resolution process is finished.

Flarespace utilizes ground shipping within the continental US (shipping charges calculated at checkout). International customers have successfully used freight forwarding companies to ship their orders outside of the US. Carlile and Vanguard have export logistics centers in the US and assist with account setup and customs requirements. Flarespace will ship to one of these centers.