Holiday Gifts for Vanlifers

The greatest part about the holiday season is being able to express your love with thoughtful, intentional, and well-picked gifts for those you love. And though finding the perfect gifts for vanlifers can be a challenge, Flarespace is here to help! From portable showers to van-life festival tickets, we’ve rounded up all the best gifts for van life travelers.


This is an easy gift for adventure van travelers because every van build needs at least one window added. Flarespace’s van window solutions are designed to be universal and perfectly outfit any and all vans! Whether your giftee needs optimized ventilation, better views along the journey, or window covers for added privacy, our van windows & accessories are among the best gifts for camper van owners on the market.

Window Covers

Sleeping well is hard to do in a bright van and let’s be real… van life is among the coolest lifestyles out there, so (unfortunately) people will want to look inside. If you’ve got a vanlifer on your gift list this year, give the gift of good sleep and stealthy privacy with high-quality window coverings.

1033 Half Slider Window

This aftermarket van window can be installed on either side of the van for added views – we want you to enjoy the scenic route a little extra! Our Half-Slider window is affordable, easy to install, rattle-free and made to last. Best part? It comes with a magnetic privacy blind.

1033 Awning Window

Weatherproof ventilation? Yes, please! The most popular van window just got an upgrade – our Awning Window is made with sleek tinted glass rather than acrylic and provides edge to edge airflow even in the rain! This van window also offers easy and sturdy installation for a noise-free addition to your van.


If you’re looking for cost-efficient van life gift ideas, look no further than the heated shower system by Geyser! This small but mighty gadget delivers hot showers (95°F)on the road all while remaining eco-friendly and easy to use. Using 10x less water than traditional showers, this shower system is half they weight of most portable showers on the market and it’s smart – an LED panel will alert when the water is hot and ready to use. And, as if on the road showers aren’t already good enough, this shower kit comes with three sponges – one for dishes, one for gear, and one for showers. No more gunky gear ad dirty dishes at the end of a camping trip. No more grimy sleeping bags and back country body odor. Gift your vanlifer the gift of comfort before their next trip!

Back to Baja Festival Tickets

Among the best gifts you can give, is the gift of a good time. Surprise your adventure obsessed giftee with tickets to Flarespace’s van life festival, Back to Baja! On April 21-24, 2022, on-the-road adventurers from across the country will join Flarespace & friends at the base of the highest mountain in Baja, west of San Felipe, and 3 hours south of the border. In between the cultural excursions to local towns and adrenaline pumping off-road adventures, we’ll be enjoying live music, yoga, a bonfire, and most importantly, we’ll be hanging out with like-minded van lifers and the incredible builds they bring along! Give your favorite vanlifer the gift adventure this year and take them Back to Baja!


If you’re looking impress your favorite vanlifer by gifting something BIG, we’ve got just the thing – the Sherpa Cargo Carrier by Owl vans is the ultimate gift for the van dwellers! This cost-efficient van cargo system is easy to install (it takes 30 minutes with basic tools) and can hold up to 100 lbs of almost anything – bikes, skis, cargo boxes, fuel cans, and anything other van life gear you can think of! The solid aluminum mounting plate is lightweight and can be installed on either side of the van’s rear door (or both!) and features 150 mounting holes plus 40 ratchet slots – this allows campervan owners to make the most of their van’s exteriors and quickly organize their gear setup. Cargo systems are the perfect gift for camper van owners – and if your favorite adventure is traveling without one, this might be the gift they didn’t know they needed!