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Fiberglass Flares are a pair of window bump-outs installed on the rear quarter panels of a van, increasing the interior space of your van, making it possible to place a bed sideways, and gaining valuable interior square footage.

Trim Rings, made from molded fiberglass, provide a finishing touch to the interior flare bump out. Each trim ring is cut specific to each vehicle, creating a windowsill that can be custom fitted to your flares & sits flush with our bed system. Available in regular or extended depth, depending on which flares you decide on.

Whether it's driver side, passenger side, or rear doors, we have window options and covers to keep your van well ventilated and cool on hot summer days. 

Here are the best items to use in your van now while you figure out the rest. From wheels & tires to cargo carriers, check out our accessories below and optimize your next endeavor.