Everything that doesn’t fit in the van goes on this rack.

The nVader Rack is a rear storage system that is stock on all Storyteller Stealth, Mystic, and Beast Mode Vans and is available exclusively through Flarespace. Configure this infinitely capable rack to suit your exact needs. Bikes, skis, cargo boxes, spare wheel and tire -- the nVader carries it all.

*Fits 2019 - current model year Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

The Ski Setup

Attention snomads! Mount our ski rack, the nVader Tire Bucket (to mount your spare tire) and have enough space for four skiers to travel to the mountain. Gear outside the van to save space inside the van! 

This setup features:

The Bike Setup

Never leave your bike behind on an adventure again! Use this setup to mount two bikes on 1Up bike racks and the nVader Tire Bucket to mount your spare tire.

This setup features:

The Adventure Setup

Adventure vanlifers! Use your nVader rack and the nVader Tire Bucket to mount your spare tire, a shovel, Rotopax, and a cargo box and get ready for big adventures in your van, made possible by the nVader rack.

This setup features:

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