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Rigwell and Flarespace have teamed up to get your flares professionally installed. We know a lot of upfitters are focused on major, full build outs with long waits. Flarespace and Rigwell solve this problem, save you time and get you on the road and sleeping sideways.

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What does this mean for me?

If you are local to the Denver area, it means you can order your flares and get them installed without a long wait from other upfitters. Win:Win!

Why are there limited options for flare combos?

Rigwell is in Denver. We've created a special for parts that we make and have available in Denver. They are limited but are the most common flare configuration. We save on shipping and packaging and pass those savings on to you in this promotional offer bundle.

What condition should my van be in?

We'll install flares on only untouched, cargo vans. Sorry, no half-builds or windowed passenger vans.