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Système de lit en bois Flarespace ↗️


Ajouter un lit à votre aménagement de camping-car ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin que le système de lit original de Flarespace . Ce kit de lit de van facile à installer est conçu pour être associé à nos fusées éclairantes et anneaux de garniture et créer une surface de couchage affleurante sur toute la largeur de votre van. Cela signifie plus pour dormir et plus de place pour tout le reste aussi. Les panneaux de lit Original 2.0 sont légers, ventilés et revêtus pour une protection contre l'humidité tout en restant exempts de toxines. Ils sont également fabriqués à partir de bouleau de la Baltique certifié FSC, ce qui signifie qu'aucun dommage au sol ou à la forêt n'est associé à votre achat. Ce qui différencie notre système de lit original du reste est la combinaison d'un bouleau baltique robuste et d'un système de support structurel ultra-résistant.

Conseil de pro : les fusées éclairantes, les anneaux de garniture et notre système de lit sont le trio ultime, créant une surface affleurante d'un bord évasé à l'autre pour que vous puissiez dormir avec plus d'espace. Achetez le pack et créez le meilleur plan d'étage pour votre van !.

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Material: FSC certified Baltic Birch with solid steel mounts.
Finish: DuraLux moisture protective coating.
Country of origin: Proudly made in the USA.
What's included: 2, 30" wide bed panels, 2 powder coated bed rails, 14-gauge sheet metal, hardware & drill bit, installation video, written instructions.
Package weight: Delivered in custom crate on a pallet.
Warranty:View warranty information here.
Production timeline: 3-4 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.

Bed System 2.0 FAQ

Does Flarespace's Bed System include a mattress & sheets?
No, our hinged custom mattress & sheets are sold separately. Shop the rest of our sleep collection here.
What is the Bed System install process like?

We have detailed DIY installation videos and extensive written instructions included with your Bed System order. We're also always happy to answer questions directly – just shoot us an email at

If DIY is not your thing, Flarespace encourages all clients to seek one of our professional installers. It is a custom part that requires dry fitting and careful installation, so an experienced installer is a great option to get the job done.

How is the Bed System shipped?
The kits are heavy, so we have developed a custom crate to protect during shipping that will be delivered on a pallet to the address that you provide. Make sure you're accounting for a heavy package and pallet at your delivery location for a successful delivery.
Does the Bed System come with a warranty?
Flarespace offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on our Bed System. Please refer to our full warranty disclaimer for further information.
Can I return my Bed System after purchase?
All of our parts are made to order, and we, therefore, do not accept returns. Bed System are shipped in custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. In the event that products are damaged during shipping, the customer is required to wait for inspection from the shipping company and take specific pictures of the damage to the part and packaging. Flarespace will not be responsible for repairing or replacing a damaged Bed System if an inspection doesn't occur. Please let us know immediately if the Bed System sustained damage during their time with the shipping company. Do not have parts repaired or dispose of packaging until the claim resolution process is finished.
Can you ship the Bed System internationally?
Flarespace utilizes ground shipping within the continental US (shipping charges calculated at checkout). International customers have successfully used freight forwarding companies to ship their Bed System orders outside of the US. Carlile and Vanguard have export logistics centers in the US and assist with account setup and customs requirements. Flarespace will ship to one of these centers.