From our friend at Tipton Hill Forge, we're introducing this handcrafted, hand polished, extremely limited production camp axe.  Wondering what to get your friend who has everything?  You just found it!

Tipton Hill Forge is owned and operated by Tyler Tipton in the hills of West Texas.  Tyler decided to follow the legacy of his grandfather and learn the practice of hand forging metal. He found his passion for metal work, was aligned with demand for artisan metal products and Tipton Hill Forge was born.  

Tyler personally designed and handcrafted these unique camp axes specifically for Flarespace. The axe head is made from a mild steel with a 1075 high carbon steel cutting edge. The entire head is forge welded, meaning the two separate pieces of steel are heated to 2,000+° and struck with a hammer until the two metals fuse together to make a single mass. Forge welding each piece takes over four hours of high intensity effort followed by several more hours of pounding, polished, and finishing. We know he must really love his work to spend so much time creating these special products for our Flarespace friends.

After finishing each metal axe head, Tyler hand stitches the leather case from vegetable tanned cow leather. The handles are made of hickory wood with a hand charred finish and treated with wax for sealing.

Special care is required for these special axes. Wipe the axe head clean after each use and then apply a food safe wax coating to prevent rust from forming on the polished blade. 1075 high carbon steel is a tough and durable steel that requires a bit more care than typical stainless steel that you see in most kitchen knives.  

Help a young artisan develop his business and acquire a Tipton Hill Camp Axe that can be shared for generations. Production is extremely limited.