Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Interior Panel Kit - Flarespace
Flarespace + Titan Vans Innenverkleidungssatz


Flarespace + Titan Vans Innenverkleidungssatz

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Suchen Sie nach einer einfach zu installierenden Do-it-yourself-Van-Innenausstattung? Suchen Sie nicht weiter als das Interior Panel Kit von Flarespace. Dieses Wandpaneelsystem besteht aus vorgeschnittenen Paneelen, die mit unseren Flares & Trim Rings kompatibel sind, wodurch das Rätselraten beim Innenausbau Ihres Abenteuer-Vans beseitigt wird. Den meisten Van-Wandlösungen auf dem Markt mangelt es an Steifigkeit, aber das Flarespace Interior Panel Kit enthält eine Baustahlkomponente für eine solide Montagefläche, die einen festen Sitz zwischen Decke und Wandpaneelen gewährleistet. Das bedeutet kosteneffiziente, verzugsfreie Van-Innenausstattungen, die jahrelang halten.

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Hinweis: Die Innenverkleidungssätze von Flarespace sind vorgeschnitten, um unsere Flares aufzunehmen. Wenn Sie also keine Flares in Ihrem Van haben, werden Sie sie brauchen. Shop Flares hier.

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MATERIAL: 1/4" White Birch plywood with solid steel mounts
FINISH: Unprimed White Birch
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Proudly made in the USA.
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 15 panels, 4 structural steel mounts, hardware, installation video.
PACKAGE WEIGHT: 250 lbs; Delivered in custom crate on a pallet.
WARRANTY: View warranty information here.
Production timeline: 3-4 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.


Because it's awesome! This complete panel system takes the guesswork out of paneling the inside of your van. Simply order your kit, dry-fit the panels, trim them for the anomalies of your van, upholster, and install the final product.

Pretty easily! You'll need to dry-fit the panels to ensure a perfect fit for your van, then simply take them back down, upholster, and put them back up! Sure, there's more to it than that, but your kit includes extensive installation videos & instructions. And if you have any further questions, just call us and we’ll help you out!

The kits are heavy (250 lbs), shipped in a custom crate and delivered on a pallet to the address that you provide. Make sure you're accounting for a heavy package and pallet at your delivery location for a successful delivery.

We have detailed DIY installation videos and extensive written instructions included with your Interior Panel Kit order. We're also always happy to answer questions directly – just shoot us an email at info@Flarespace.com.

Flarespace offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on our Interior Panel Kit. Please refer to our full warranty disclaimer for further information.

All of our parts are made to order, and we, therefore, do not accept returns. Interior Panel Kits are shipped in custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. In the event that products are damaged during shipping, the customer is required to wait for inspection from the shipping company and take specific pictures of the damage to the part and packaging. Flarespace will not be responsible for repairing or replacing damaged Interior Panel Kits if an inspection doesn't occur. Please let us know immediately if Interior Panel Kits sustain damage during their time with the shipping company. Do not have parts repaired or dispose of packaging until the claim resolution process is finished.

Flarespace utilizes ground shipping within the continental US (shipping charges calculated at checkout). International customers have successfully used freight forwarding companies to ship their Interior Panel Kit orders outside of the US. Carlile and Vanguard have export logistics centers in the US and assist with account setup and customs requirements. Flarespace will ship to one of these centers.