Van Floor Plans

These design ideas are meant as inspiration and are not to scale. Please contact your preferred van upfitter for options and details.

Mercedes Sprinter 144"

  • Sprinter 144" Floor Plan A
  • Sprinter 144" Floor Plan B
  • Sprinter 144" Floor Plan C

Floor Plan A - Mercedes Sprinter 144" Wheelbase Cargo or Crew Van

Ideal for families who want safe seat belt seating and the comforts of a camper van. This floor plan features a full kitchen with sink, stove and fridge that will sit directly behind the driver seat, followed by a removable 3 person Mercedes bench seat (in the mid position on a crew van). This allows you to enjoy your full size flare bed with plenty of storage underneath. Kids will be on the bench and across the front seat or outside in a tent. Remove the bench seat, load long boards and head out for a 2 person trip. 48" Bed Rails | 3 Person Mercedes Benz Bench Seat | 10" Leg Room | 36" W x 24" D Kitchen Galley | Under Bed Storage

Floor Plan B - Mercedes Sprinter 144" Wheelbase Crew Van

This floor plan is Ideal if you need to haul the soccer team. We start with a crew van and add your Flare bed in the rear. Front row of seating could be removed and swapped out for a removable kitchen galley with foot pump to turn it into your weekend camper. Both rows of seats are in the factory locations. 48" Bed Rails | 2 Rows of 3 Person Mercedes Benz Bench Seats | Under Bed Storage | Possible Removable Kitchen Galley

Floor Plan C - Mercedes Sprinter 144" Wheelbase Cargo Van

A floor plan for the most gear intensive lifestyle. We know you want to keep it all inside and locked up. Leave the driver side wall free of built in cabinets to strap SUP's to the wall, load mountain bikes in with the front wheel on or secure your kite gear! You have a kitchen with sink and stove on the passenger side extending into the slider door opening and still have a full size bed in the rear. Need even more room on a solo mission? Remove one of the bed panels and make it a single bed. 48" Bed Rails | Fit Bikes Without Removing Wheels | 36" W x 24" D Kitchen Galley | Under Bed Storage

Mercedes Sprinter 170"

  • Sprinter 170" Floor Plan D
  • Sprinter 170" Floor Plan E
  • Sprinter 170" Floor Plan F

Floor Plan D - Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase Cargo or Crew Van

This layout includes 2 rows of removable seat belt seating and a small kitchen. Keep the essentials in the fridge and wash your face in the morning. This floor plan is great if you bring the entire team to the bike race one weekend and remove the rear row of seating to make room for an air mattress for the kids on your camping adventure the next weekend. 48" Bed Rails | 2 Rows of 3 Person Mercedes Benz Bench Seats | 24" W x 24" D Kitchen Galley with Fridge and Sink | Under Bed Storage

Floor Plan E - Mercedes Sprinter 170" Wheelbase Cargo Van

THE camper with full shower enclosure. Full flare bed in the rear, lounge sofa in front of bed followed by your kitchen area. Sink and storage on one side, stove and fridge on the other. Right behind the driver seat is your hot shower! All this on a 170" wheelbase. 48" Bed Rails | 3 Person Lounge Sofa or Mercedes Benz Bench Seat | 24" W x 24" D Sink Cabinet | 24" W x 24" D Stove Cabinet | 42" Shower Enclosure | Under Bed Storage

Floor Plan F - Mercedes Sprinter 170" Extended Wheelbase Cargo Van

Great option if your van is used for both family trips and gear intensive adventures with the crew. The full length 6' sofa along the driver wall offers a comfortable sleeping spot separate from the flare bed. The kitchen space is big enough for a sink, stove and a fridge and extends into the slider door opening. Placing your flare bed mid position affords you a large gear garage with full standing room in the rear. Change into ski gear before going out into the snow, change out of your wetsuit inside the warm van. Load bikes on fork mounts or if you stack the 2 flare bed panels, you can easily fit a full size adventure bike or two dirt bikes in the garage. 48" Bed Rails with Flare Bed in Mid Position | 6' Sleep Sofa | 42" W x 24" D Kitchen Galley | 65" Gear Garage | Under Bed Storage