Gear Up for Winter

With Flarespace

Embrace Winter Adventures with Flarespace: Your Guide to Essential Exterior Gear

Massive snowfall is predicted this season, which means maximum powder days! Winter is the season of adventures, and at Flarespace, we believe that your van should be as ready for the snowy escapades as you are. We've curated a selection of top-notch exterior gear designed to elevate your winter journeys. From conquering snowy slopes to ensuring safety on icy roads, our range of products is tailored to meet all your winter needs.

nVader Rack: Your Winter Storage Solution

The nVader Rack isn't just a rear cargo carrier; it's your winter gear organizer. Safely and securly mount your snowboards, skis, and other winter equipment, ensuring they're secure and easily accessible whenever you’re ready to hit the road. With endless options, the nVader Rack offers ample storage space for all your winter essentials.

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Ski Rack: Hit the Slopes with Ease

The Flarespace Ski Rack is engineered for winter sports enthusiasts. Designed around the Thule Snowpack to securely hold up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards, this rack ensures they're transported safely to the slopes. Keep the snow out of your van and lessen the hassle of loading and unloading your gear – our Ski Rack makes gearing up for each adventure effortless.

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nVader Rack Mounting Accessories: Customize Your Setup

Tailor your van's exterior to your winter needs with our nVader Mounting Accessories. From bike mounts to cargo boxes, these accessories enable you to customize your nVader Rack for specific winter activities. Stay organized and prepared for any winter situation or adventure that comes your way.

Bike Rack: Keep the Pedals Turning in the Snow

Winter cycling brings a unique thrill, and the nVader Rack Bike Rack ensures your bikes are ready for the journey. Securely mount your bikes, and hit the snowy trails with confidence.

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Cargo Box Mount: Expand Your Winter Storage

Space is key for winter adventures, and the Cargo Box Mount for the nVader Rack provides the extra room you need. Pack your winter gear inside the cargo box and keep the inside of your van nice and dry. 

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Shovel Mount: A Must-Have for Snowy Expeditions

Every winter explorer needs a reliable shovel at hand. The nVader Rack Shovel Mount makes your DMOS shovel easily accessible, ensuring you're ready to dig out of any unexpected snowy situations.

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Rotopax Mount: Fuel Up for the Frosty Roads Ahead

Cold temperatures can be unforgiving, especially for your vehicle. The nVader Rack Rotopax Mount lets you carry extra fuel, ensuring you're always prepared for those extended winter journeys.

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Traction Board Mount: Conquer Snowy Terrains with Ease

Winter often brings challenging terrains, especially when in remote locations. Don’t get caught unprepared in a sticky situation without the proper recovery gear. The nVader Rack Traction Board Mount lets you carry your MAXTRAX recovery boards, ensuring you have the traction you need to lift your vehicle up and out of mud, sand or snow, and keep your adventure rolling smoothly. The MAXTRAX Mounting Pins allow you to remove and reattach your recovery boards easily and safely.

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Tire Bucket Mount: Winter-Ready Tire Solutions

Don't let a flat tire ruin your winter camping excursions. The Tire Bucket Mount provides a secure and accessible spot for your spare, ensuring you're always prepared for that dreaded flat tire when out on the wintry roads. The Tire Bucket Mount makes changing your tire easier, safer, and quicker than a spare tire mounted underneath the van.

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Tenzing Brushguard: Protect Your Front End

Winter roads can be unpredictable, but with our Tenzing Brushguard, you can drive confidently. This sturdy guard shields your van's front end from debris, snow, and other hazards, ensuring your van remains in pristine condition.

Wheels and Tires: Traction and Stability

Our specially designed winter wheels and tires provide superior traction on icy roads, enhancing your van's stability and safety during winter travels. Don't compromise on road grip – invest in wheels and tires that are engineered for winter conditions.

Winter brings some of the best adventures, and when you have the right gear, your van becomes the ultimate winter expedition vehicle. Check out Flarespace's collection of winter accessories here to find simple solutions to safely and easily conquer all your winter excursions.  Flarespace's winter accessories stand as a testament to our commitment to enhancing your winter van life experience, offering practical accessories that make winter excursions safer and more comfortable. Here's to a winter filled with unforgettable moments, where Flarespace's gear transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Let's make this winter your most exciting one yet!