Thule Ski Rack with Flarespace Mounting Hardware

Sale price$548.95

Available in 1-2 weeks.

Massive snowfall this season means maximum powder days - and now we have a simple, clean, and cost effective way to carry your gear without all the clutter. 

Our locking ski rack kit was designed around the Thule Snowpack (medium) that holds up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards. The Thule Snowpack mounts to your rack using the powder coated aluminum spacers included in the kit. A lower aluminum shelf is also included to help support your skis and boards while loading and unloading.

All of the Flarespace components are powder coated for a high wearing textured black finish. The Thule is spaced off the rear rack to allow skis and boards to be held back-to-back creating a unique, maximum storage solution.

- Designed to be compatible with the Flarespace nVader Rack and Owl Sherpa Rack 
- All installation parts are included along with easy to follow installation instructions 
- Powder coated for durability
- Super easy to install for ski season and put away in the off season
- Designed for maximum storage capacity 
- Includes a locking Thule Snowpack for secure equipment storage 

Installation Instructions

Options: Ski Rack + Mounting Hardware ($548.95)