Flarespace has a full suite of products to outfit your Ford Transit 148”.
Build out your camper van and explore our flagship van bump-outs, innovative bed systems, and everything in between.
Fiberglass Flares are a pair of window bump-outs installed on the rear quarter panels of a van, increasing the interior space of your van, making it possible to place a bed sideways, and gaining valuable interior square footage.
Trim Rings
Trim Rings, made from molded fiberglass, provide a finishing touch to the interior flare bump out. Each trim ring is cut specific to each vehicle, creating a windowsill that can be custom fitted to your flares & sits flush with our bed system. Available in regular or extended depth, depending on which flares you decide on.
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> Shop Trim Rings
Bed Systems
Flarespace’s Bed Systems are the best van sleep solution on the market. Not only are they fully compatible with our Flares and Trim Rings, but our Bed Systems are lightweight, durable, and cleanable. And what sets this van Bed System apart? The structural metal mounts included in the kit makes this van bed solution ultra-strong & sturdy. Available in Original Baltic Birch and Super Flyweight Anti-Gravity.
Interior Panel Kit
Our Interior Panel Kit is the most cost-efficient and easy-to-install solution to finishing van interiors featuring precut panels that accommodate your Flares. Designed in collaboration with Titan Vans, these lightweight wooden panels are made with professional-grade material and include structural steel mounts for warp-free van interiors that last!
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Flarespace™ Bundles
The Ultimate Bundle is the perfect all-in-one buy to build your van! The Bundle includes Flares, Trim Rings, Bed Systems, Mattress, Bedding, and an Interior Finish Kit. Bundles are available for DIY or professional installs.
Complete Your Build
Flarespace has a variety of products to put the finishing touches in your adventure van! From roof racks to van window covers to cargo carriers to portable showers, the Flarespace shop has all the accessories to make your van life more comfortable, efficient, and stylish!
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