Mercedes 144 Sprinter van converted into a camper with solar panels and Flarespace flares to provide extra space.

DIY Installation

and Videos

You can install your flares in a weekend and be sleeping sideways by Monday!


Trim RingS

Space Saver Trim Ring

Original Trim Ring

Install the Flarespace™

Trim Rings


Install the Flyweight

Bed System

Install the Flarespace™

Bed System

Introducing the Flarespace™

Bed System


144 Bundle

Install the 144 Bundle

Custom Mattress

WALl panel &

INTErior finish kits

Interior Panel Kit Installation

Interior finish kit

TiPs and more

Fitting your flare

in a cutout

How to Install Flarespace

1033 Slider Window

Which tape to use

for flares

Momentum Vans

Walk Through

Flarespace USA


DIY Installers — Download your template by clicking the arrow below. These templates are intended as a guide as you finish the wall panel around your trim rings. 

144 Original Trim Ring 

PDF Template Download

144 Space Saver Trim Ring 

PDF Template Download

 170 Extended Trim Ring 

PDF Template Download

170 Trim Ring 

PDF Template Download

148 Trim Ring 

PDF Template Download


Download our PDF Installation Guide to get on your way to sleeping sideways.

Flares Installation

PDF Download

Trim Kit Installation

PDF Download

T1N Installation

PDF Download

Flyweight Bed Installation

PDF Download

DIY Paint

DIY Paint!? That's right. We've painted several flares with Rustoleum Truck Bed Liner spray can paint and it actually looks pretty great. If you're not dying to spend a few hundred at the paint shop, give it a try.

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