Why the Flarespace nVader Rack?

When it comes to enhancing the space and functionality of your van, choosing the right exterior storage solution is important. In this blog post we will walk through the key components of the nVader Rack!


The nVader rack is priced at $999.00 for one side or $1,998.00 for the pair. (A free tire bucket is included if you purchase both sides!)

The nVader Rack was designed to fit any gear that doesn’t fit in the van or that you don’t want to be stored inside. From skis and bikes to traction boards, storage boxes, and the spare tire, the nVader Rack keeps all your outside gear outside so you can keep the inside of your van clean and clutter-free. The nVader Rack provides optimal storage without compromising on your van’s visual appeal, and its sturdy construction ensures your gear stays secure during the most challenging terrain. You can easily configure this infinitely capable rack to suit your exact needs.

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Features and Customization

One of nVader Rack’s standout features is its adaptability. It is made for the E-track system and carriage bolts that makes it incredibly easy to mount and dismount gear in seconds, so you can customize your storage depending on your needs for each trip. Its modular construction offers customization options, ensuring compatibility with various accessories and gear.

The nVader Rack allows you to mount accessories from the outside of the rack. Most competitors' racks need access to the backside of their racks making accessory mounting more difficult. Plus, it offers more mounting locations than any other rear cargo carrier on the market, creating endless possibilities for mountable accessories. Each accessory can be effortlessly mounted to the rack using carriage bolts and the E-track system that clips directly into the mounting holes. The Flarespace nVader rack is compatible with 2019+ Sprinter 144 and 170 models.

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Design and Installation

The nVader Rack is constructed out of 3/16” aluminum for strength and adventure. Each side can hold up to 100 Mercedes-Benz approved pounds. Known for its user-friendly installation, the nVader Rack offers a hassle-free install process (watch the installation video here). The nVader Rack weighs 30 pounds and mounts directly to the van’s 180-degree hinges with minimal drilling required on the left side, and no drilling required on the right side.