Boss, Bend, Blockbuster

I was at this cafe in Bend, OR last week and spotted this on the wall:

"Boss rambler:
1. an adventurer or seeker, always on the quest for a good time, typically involving good friends, good laughs, and good drink.
2. never idle, always on the go
3. a way of life."

Now that reminds me of #vanlife-- reminds me of you all.

If you're reading this, chances are some of that resonates with you, too. I don't stay in a van and #sleepsideays nearly as much as most and certainly admire your adventurous spirits.

Way to go, you boss ramblers.

Did you know the world's last Blockbuster is in Bend?  There is a documentary on Netflix if you're into that.

Now I'll let the irony of that last sentence sink in.