Keeping your van clear of clutter is of the utmost importance. Van lifers are already pressed for space, and though downsizing is key to ensuring your van life goes smoothly, the essentials you choose to keep must have designated storage. Flarespace & friends have a set of van storage solutions to keep your adventure van neat & organized while staying movable and hassle-free. Van shelving & cabinetry can be bulky and add weight to your vehicle build, and you can’t always count on DIY van storage solutions – but don’t fret! We’ve rounded up five of our favorite products, that deliver the reliability of a storage system without all the added inconveniences. Check them out below!


After downsizing your belongings to the simple necessities, you’ll still have limited storage space in your adventure van. Figuring out how to fit your outdoor gear in your van is already a task and a half; then, you need to figure out where to store your on-the-road essentials while ensuring you’ll still have enough room for yourself to actually move around in your van. Yes, this sounds like a massive undertaking, but thanks to Flarespace’s Ultimate Bundle, maximizing your van’s floorplan is easy to do & cost-effective!Our van conversion bundle includes:

  • A set of Flares to expand the width of your van.
  • Trim Rings to finish the Flare’s sills.
  • Our Flyweight Bed System. Complete with a fitted mattress, pillows, and custom bedding.

How will your Bundle purchase optimize van storage, you ask? Well, once installed, you’ll have one of the roomiest van layouts on the market. More room in your van equals more storage space. Everybody say: “Thank you, Flarespace!”


Looking for simple & cost-efficient van storage accessories? You came to the right article! Flarespace is keen on creating van builds that have the perfect balance of form and function. There’s no use in overbuilding your van if it’s going to underperform. And keeping things simple is great and all, but if minimalism goes too far, you’ll be riding around in a cargo van. So, to help you find the storage solution with the best cost-to-impact ratio, we’d like to introduce you to two of our favorite small van organizers made right here, in the USA, by one of Flarespace’s Colorado neighbors – Tourig!


Finding the perfect storage solutions for your van are a universal challenge all van owners experience. We get it – you need space-saving, lightweight van organizers that will keep your belongings safe & sound while you’re out on the road. But what does ‘safe & sound’ encompass? Like we mentioned in our previous blog around Common Van Build Challenges + Solutions, mold & rust are a van build’s worst enemy. But how does ventilation relate to van storage? Well, if you’re storing all your belongings in a compartment that traps moisture – your storage solution will quickly backfire. And the easiest solution is to improve the airflow in your vehicle! Our Rear Window Vent is a low-tech, high-value vent system that includes two sliding windows with a bug mesh, and it’s compatible with All Mercedes Sprinter models from 2019 & up. Oh, and how could we forget – Flarespace’s rear window vents also come with interior covers that have not one but THREE built-in storage pockets on each side. This means more van storage with the added bonus of mold/mildew prevention for the interiors of your van. Ahh, yes… Nothing like ending the article on a good twofer!