Flarespace trim rings for Transit 148 van installed with high-tech light options.
Flarespace trim ring extended depth installed.
Flarespace trim ring extended depth installed.
Flarespace trim ring extended depth installed.
Video of High Tech Trim Ring and plugging in a cell phone with the USB port.
Video of High Tech Trim Ring and turning on the light.
Flarespace trim ring pair uninstalled, showing regular depth and extended depth options.
Flarespace trim ring pair.
Video showing how pillows fit inside the trim rings.

Trim Rings Transit 148"

Regular price$750.00

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Flarespace Trim Rings provide the perfect finishing touch to your flare bump out. 

What are Trim Rings?

Trim rings provide the window sill around the inside of the flare and fill the space between the inside wall of the van and the inside wall of the flares. Trim rings are always sold in pairs-- the price you pay is for both driver and passenger side trim rings. 

The trim rings are a molded fiberglass part that are delivered to you with a dark grey gel coat finish and are shaped to fit the contour of the flare wall. Trim rings occasionally have an imperfect fit. There are factors that we are unable to control and design around that include the thickness of the fiberglass, the imperfections in your van, the thickness of the insulation you use, etc. It is possible that when you receive the trim rings, you may need to add more insulation to your flare wall or spend time with your belt sander to get the contour exactly right. In any case you will have saved yourself an enormous amount of time. 

Trim rings are designed to simply attach to the backside of wall panels. Install as-is, paint or wrap in foam and your fabric of choice. They're also designed to sit flush with the bed system to create a flush surface from flare edge to flare edge. See FAQs for specific information on bed installation and bed lengths.

Why would I buy Trim Rings?

Trim rings save you time. If you are a finish carpenter or know how to scribe wiggle board, you can certainly make your own. Otherwise, avoid days of frustration and buy some trim rings. 

High Tech Trim Ring Modification

Add the high-tech option for your comfort and convenience. The passenger side trim ring is modified to include two USB 3.0 charging ports and two reading lights overhead.

Production Timeline
3-4 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.

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