Rear Window Vent

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Say goodbye to a lack of ventilation and broken rear windows in your Camper Van! Flarespace’s Rear Window Vents are designed for Sprinters and Transits and fit exactly like the factory windows. This fiberglass alternative to the Sprinter’s rear glass windows have screened sliders that open for air circulation in your van – preventing mold, mildew, and rust from ruining your van build. If you’re a two-wheeled adventurer using rear bike mounts, you’ll never have to worry about a misplaced pedal breaking your Sprinter’s rear glass windows. What’s more, this van ventilation kit includes window covers with built in storage!

Window size: 15"x18"

Choose your vehicle: 2007-2018 (Sprinter 144 and 170)

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Choose your interior cover: Powder coated interior cover

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