The Flarespace™ Bundle Mercedes Sprinter 170"


Most customers who purchase flares also buy trim rings.  Take the guessing and hard work out of finishing the inside of your flares.  And by ordering them together you save $180!

The Flarespace Ultimate Bundle is your one-stop shop for your Mercedes Sprinter 170" conversion. This complete van conversion kit includes:

  • A set of Flares; One for the driver side and one for the passenger side
  • A set of Trim Rings; Comes with our high-tech trim ring set (original trim rings available upon request after placing your order).
  • A Flarespace Bed System; Choose from Original 2.0 or Flyweight
  • 5" thick memory foam mattress & bedding, custom sheets, comforter, 2 pillows and pillowcases
  • Hardware & interior finish kit

You may SEE them as “van bump out panels” or “van side pods,” but let’s be honest…the genuine articles are called Flares because we invented them. This cost-efficient & stealthy van mod maximizes your van's interior and allows you to reconfigure your van’s floor plan to place your bed widthwise, rather than lengthwise. Flares are made-to-order and sold in pairs (pricing includes a driver's side Flare and a passenger-side Flare), and once installed, you’ll have around 80 inches of space to sleep sideways in your Mercedes Sprinter 170".

Finish the Flare fit with custom Trim Rings. Flarespace's Trim Rings create a windowsill around the inside of the Flare and fill the space between your interior walls and the inside wall of the Flares. Made of molded fiberglass, Trim Rings are designed to simply attach to the backside of your van's wall panels and are completely compatible with the rest of Flarespace's products. Complete with our high-tech option on the passenger side, we have included two USB 3.0 charging ports and two overhead convenience lights.

Flares and Trim Rings are a must-have van upgrade and are DIY friendly, lightweight, ultra-durable, and completely compatible with Flarespace’s Bed Systems and Interior Panel Kits. Take the first step in converting your cargo van into an adventure van and get your Flares and Trim Rings!

Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQ.


Country of origin: Proudly made in the USA.
Warranty:View warranty information here.
Production timeline: 5-6 weeks for production, 1 week to ship.

Bundles FAQ

Does Flarespace's van conversion Bundle include the interior wall panels?
No, our wall system is not included in the Bundle. Shop the Interior Panel Kit here.
How are Flarespace's Bundles installed?

We have detailed DIY installation videos and extensive written instructions included with your order. We're also always happy to answer questions directly – just shoot us an email at info@Flarespace.com.

If DIY is not your thing, Flarespace encourages all clients to seek one of our professional installers. It is a custom part that requires dry fitting and careful installation, so an experienced installer is a great option to get the job done.

How are Flarespace's van conversion bundles shipped?
These kits are heavy, like… really heavy. So, we have developed a custom crate to protect during shipping that will be delivered on a pallet to the address that you provide. Make sure you're accounting for a heavy package and pallet at your delivery location for a successful delivery.
Does the Installed Bundle come with a warranty?
Flarespace offers a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on our van conversion Bundle. Please refer to our full warranty disclaimer for further information.
Can I return my Bundle after purchase?
All of our parts are made to order, and we, therefore, do not accept returns. The Bundles are shipped in custom packaging to ensure safe delivery. In the event that products are damaged during shipping, the customer is required to wait for inspection from the shipping company and take specific pictures of the damage to the part and packaging. Flarespace will not be responsible for repairing or replacing damaged Bundle components if an inspection doesn't occur. Please let us know immediately if your Bundle order sustains damage during their time with the shipping company. Do not have parts repaired or dispose of packaging until the claim resolution process is finished.
Can you ship the Flarespace Bundle internationally?
Flarespace utilizes ground shipping within the continental US (shipping charges calculated at checkout). International customers have successfully used freight forwarding companies to ship their Ultimate Bundle orders outside of the US. Carlile and Vanguard have export logistics centers in the US and assist with account setup and customs requirements. Flarespace will ship to one of these centers.