Camper Van Conversions – Compatible Van Kits

Camper Van Conversions – Compatible Van Kits

Camper Van Conversions – Compatible Van Kits

Think of your van build like a puzzle: you start from the edges and add the missing pieces where they fit. Then, once you have the framework, the big picture begins to come together. But unlike most puzzles, van builds can be an expensive and time-consuming process – and Flarespace is on a mission to make your van build more cost-efficient and wayyy faster.

How much does it cost to build a camper van?

Not including the cost of the vehicle itself, camper van builds can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000+. Labor drives the price of most van conversions, so if you can confidently DIY any aspects of your van build, you'll save a pretty penny. And though this goes without saying, the equipment you purchase will be the main determining factor of the cost of your camper van. Research all the products you're planning on buying to ensure everything fits your van and is compatible with one another before going through with the purchase. You'll already be spending a good amount of money on van life equipment and a reasonable amount of time with installation, don't waste your peace of mind with frustrating returns!

How long does it take to build a camper van?

The timeline of your van build depends on a lot of factors. Supply chain speeds, installation methods, and how fast your budget allows you to move are all factors to consider. But the most critical factor when it comes to camper van build timelines is your lifestyle! Some van lifers want to build the entire rig in one go, and others want to go at a slower pace. But it's essential to plan your van conversion so you can have a better idea of when you'd have a road-ready rig. Set purchase and install dates for each aspect of your van, account for unexpected setbacks, and add a 'testing' time window to ensure everything is working as it should before your first trip! The last thing you need is for something to go awry while in adventure mode.

Want to speed up your van conversion timeline? We offer installation services on The Ultimate Installed Bundles at our shop in Arvada, CO. This bundle includes a set of Flares and Trim Rings, a Bed System of your choice with a mattress, plus our organic sheets and bedding! This option allows you to drop your van off for 5 business days then pick it up with your bundle fully installed! Get yourself a bundle and you’ll be road-ready in no time.


Regardless of your speed or budget, the van build process remains the same – you begin with the basics and go from there. Whether you're going the DIY route or hiring a professional installer, get your adventure van built right on the first try with Flarespace’s extensive roster of compatible van life equipment! This article features all of the products you’ll need to build your adventure van from start to finish. And to make this article even more informative, the products below are listed by order of installation – So all you need to do is set a purchase date and an install date for each item, and just like that, you’ll have a timeline for your camper van. 

Step 1: Flares

Flarespace Flares

Some people call them van bump-out panels and, in the UK, we’ve heard them referred to as ‘van side pods,' but we call them Flares… because we invented them. This cost-efficient & stealthy van mod maximizes your van's interiors and allows you to reconfigure your van's floor plans to place your bed widthwise rather than lengthwise. Once installed, you’ll have around 80 inches of space to sleep sideways and 20 inches of free space added back into your floorplan. That’s why Flares are the first puzzle piece of all the best adventure vans builds! When you install Flares on your adventure van, you'll notice a gap between the edge of the Flares and the wall of your van. This brings us to the next puzzle piece:   

Step 2: Trim Rings

Flarespace Trim Rings

Trim Rings are ready to install windowsills for placement around the inside of the Flare. This clever finishing solution fills the space between the inside wall of the van and the inside wall of the Flares. It’s made of molded fiberglass, meaning it’s durable, lightweight, and easier to install than any DIY sill solution. Trim Rings are installed by simply attaching them to the backside of your van's wall panels and, once in place, are entirely compatible with the rest of Flarespace's products. You also have the option of going high-tech with convenient mods on the passenger side – two USB 3.0 charging ports and two reading lights overhead. And though Trim Rings are an easy finishing solution, your van isn’t ready for adventure without proper wall panels to cover the stock steel. We’ve got just the solution!  

Step 3: Interior Panel Kit

Flarespace Wall Panel Kit

Our easy-to-install van wall panel system features lightweight birch panels that are precut to fit your van - taking the guesswork out of finishing the interior of your adventure van build. Most van wall solutions on the market lack rigidity, but the Flarespace Interior Panel Kit includes a structural steel component for a solid mounting surface that ensures a tight fit between ceiling and wall panels. That means cost-efficient, warp-free van interiors that'll last for years. And of course, our Interior Panel Kit is completely compatible with Flares – So much so that the rear side panels are precut with holes to accommodate your Flares and Trim Rings. They're also designed to work seamlessly with our Bed System! This brings us to our next step. 

Step 4: Bed System

Flarespace Bed System

Before hitting the road for a multi-day trip, you’ll need to add a bed to your camper van conversion. Look no further than Flarespace's Flyweight Bed System! This easy-to-install van bed kit is designed to pair with our Flares & Trim Rings and create a flush sleeping surface along the width of your van. That means more room for sleeping and everything else, too. The Flyweight bed panels are just 1.25" thick, fully customizable to fit your van, and boast some of the best strength-to-weight ratios on the market! What differentiates this Bed System from the rest is the combination of lightweight, space-age materials with a super-strong structural support system. With each panel weighing just 15 pounds each, the Flyweight Bed System is particularly ideal for those who need to frequently move or remove the Bed System to make room for other gear! Once you've got the Bed System in place, you should check out our tailor-made mattress and bedding! 

Step 5: Mattress and Bedding

Flarespace Mattress

Flarespace Sheets and Bedding

Custom-fit for your Flarespace Bed System, the dimensions of Flarespace's hinged mattress are contoured to sit perfectly between our regular or extended depth Flares. Our 5" thick memory foam mattress has a zip-off organic cotton cover and is a soy-based product that meets all known state and federal guidelines. We researched and tested to find the most comfortable yet durable material for van life, and these are the final products. We’ve also designed both the mattress and sheets to be toxin-free and breathable to ensure that you're recovering from adventure on a fresh surface without having to worry about mold or mildew. And in the spirit of preventing any moisture accumulation, your next necessary step prevents just that! 

Step 6: Ventilation

Flarespace Rear Window Vent

Say goodbye to a lack of air circulation, and broken rear windows in your camper van build! Flarespace’s Rear Window Vents are designed to fit exactly like factory windows, except they offer optimized ventilation and durability! This fiberglass alternative to the usual glass windows has screened sliders that open for air circulation in your van – preventing mold, mildew, and rust from ruining your van build. If you're a two-wheeled adventurer using rear bike mounts, you'll never have to worry about a misplaced pedal breaking your rear glass windows. What’s more, this van ventilation kit includes two finish options – A window cover with built-in storage or a black powder-coated trim panel. 

Flarespace is on a mission to make your van build easier. Whether hiring a professional or going the DIY route, Flarespace's van life products are a fully compatible solution that get you on your way to completing the

perfect adventure van build. Explore each of our products above or shop by your specific van type below!   

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