Trim Rings for Sprinter 144"

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All Trim Rings are sold in pairs.

Finish the interiors of your Sprinter 144" with custom-fit Trim Rings for your Flares. Flarespace's Trim Rings create a windowsill around the inside of the Flare and fill the space between the inside wall of the van and the inside wall of the Flares. Made of molded fiberglass, Trim Rings are designed to simply attach to the backside of your van's wall panels and are completely compatible with the rest of Flarespace's products. You also have the option of going high-tech with convenient mods on the passenger side – two USB 3.0 charging ports and two reading lights overhead.

Pro Tip: Flares and Trim Rings are the ultimate duo, creating a flush surface from flare edge to flare edge so you can sleep with more room. Save $150 when you purchase Flares and Trim Rings together.

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