Mercedes Sprinter 170" - Mega Flares

Sale price$3,400.00

*Van pictured is not for sale

Introducing our boldest, biggest product yet, the Sprinter 170" Mega Flare. Stretching from right behind the driver’s side door, all the way to the back of your van, the Mega Flare offers additional space inside your van for storage and sleeping. Configure your flares to maximize sunlight and ventilation with windows, or prioritize privacy and storage with the blank Flare option. 

Be among the first vans on the roads with the Mega Flare: a feature to set your build apart from the rest.

By selecting the Arctic Tern options, you are adding the windows pictured to the position indicated. Go windowless all around for a lower profile look. 

The Mega Flare offers 8" of added width in the midship section and an 82" bed length!

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*Van pictured is not for sale

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