Revel Revenge Series Mattress

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After testing what seems like a thousand foam pieces and even more zippers, snaps, and cover materials, we have created what we believe to be the most comfortable, durable, and versatile mattress for your Revel.  

Flarespace’s Revel Revenge Series mattress is designed to perfectly fit your space and easily replace your stock mattress. Your dog will be excited finding the old mattress on the garage floor while you snap your new Flarespace mattress in its place. Our removable, zip-off cover material is from the Recacril® Decorline fabrics collection. Recacril Decirline has exceptional resistance to fading and has even become the fabric of choice in the marine industry for exterior cushions. Most traditional textiles used for exterior decoration show wear after short periods of outdoor exposure. Color fading, strength loss caused by rot, fiber degradation or sunlight are the most common symptoms appearing on these fabrics. Recacril® Decorline fabrics collection solves these problems as they are manufactured with the same solution-dyed acrylic fiber used for many years in Recacril® canvases. 

Start sleeping better in your Revel! Now you can sleep sideways with Flarespace. 

*Our Flarespace sheets and bedding do not fit this product.